Question 2:

You have an unexpected day off. What do you do?

A. Spending lots of time at the museum listening to the museum audio guide

Three Baroque paintings featuring people against a landscape background hang in a museum exibit room. A large marble sculpture of a man and dog can stands at the room's entrance.

B. Catching up on one of my favourite podcasts

A cellphone with a podcast episode on the screen sits on a grey desk with green headphones and an opened graphic novel in the background.

C. Practicing playing an instrument, something I rarely have time for these days

A close up of a man in a white sweatshirt playing the guitar.

D. Giving myself an at-home spa day

An open book and a cup of tea sit on top of a wooden tray that rests on a bathtub. In the background large soap bottles and several large and small lit candles stand on the edge on the bathtub. A portion of a hanging plant can also be seen.





(Photo credits: Pexels)