Question 2:

You have an unexpected day off. What do you do?

A. Going for a drive to nowhere in particular while listening to loud music in the car

A small, dark compact car drives on a curvy road through a grassy and hilly landscape.

B. Going on a nature escape day trip that involves a deep forest, waterfalls, a hiking trail and a picnic

A person with long hair balances on a log in a forest with several tall pine trees surrounding them.

C. Learning about art history by spending the day at the museum

A view down a set of stairs in an old building with ornate architectural details and high ceilings. Columns line the stairs on either side. People can be seen at the bottom of the stairs and vases and other artefacts are displayed in illuminated showcases on the upper floor.

D. Seeing a new movie release in the cinema with a friend

A movie theatre filled with a few patrons. They watch a movie on the cinema screen. The movie shows a man with a briefcase talking on his phone as he walks by a grocery store owner and on front of his store.


(Photo credits: Pexels)