Question 4:

You and your friends decide to get together for dinner. Where will you eat?

A. Not sure, as long as the experience is memorable

Two people take photos with their phones of plates of food resting in front of them on a wooden table.

B. At a Chinese restaurantA pair of chopsticks lies besides a bowl of a Chinese noodle dish.

C. At home – I’m going to have a “build your own pizza” night

A hand spreads tomato sauce on a freshly rolled out pizza dough on top a wooden board. Various toppings in plates rest behind the pizza dough.

D. At a conveyor belt sushi restaurant

Pieces of sushi - each protected with a plastic cover - sit on individual plates on a conveyor belt. A wall of sushi menues can be seen behind the conveyor belt.





(Photo credits: Pexels/Wikimedia Commons)