Question 4:

You and your friends decide to get together for dinner. Where will you eat?

A. At my friends place – we’ll prepare a charcuterie board and have wine

An assorted chucuterie platter with several types of rolled up meats, cheese and a glass of jam.

B. At a craft brewery with artisan-style pub fare

A frothy beer in a clear mug sits beside a plate of french fries, a hamburger and two tiny bowls of ketchup and mayonnaise.

C. At a vibrant restaurant with Middle Eastern cuisine

Two bowls of hummus topped with chickpeas and cilantro and a quarter of a pita bread sit on a wooden board. A dark cloth napkin and a plate with more pita bread rest beside them.

D. We’ll grab something from a food truck downtown after work

A person in a blue jeans shirt reaches for his food order from the food truck operator.





(Photo credits: Pexels)