A string of twisted yellow ribbon sits atop a green/yellow floral backdrop.
A string of twisted yellow ribbon sits atop a green/yellow floral backdrop.

You've put the phone down

- and now what? Welcome to Young W, because if you are curious about arts & letters, we've got answers for you.

Young W helps curious people do new things in real life. We offer carefully selected products plus ideas and inspiration for things to read, see & do.

Discover arts & letters in that newly found time that magically appears once you go offline. To help you out with this, we've created a new type of product: an exploration kit. Our very first one covers themes from poems to public art and takes you on a journey to (re-)discover the analog lifestyle.

Young W covers the nine pillars of arts & letters:

reading, writing, paper, art, performance, poetry, cities, society and language. We offer inspiration about new activities you can try and present new ideas about creative pursuits you already love. We are still a little bit 'under construction', as we are only just getting started.

Ornate wooden ceiling and large wooden staircase in a bookshop


When was the last time you... had enough of an attention span to read fiction? READING covers all things literary for lovers of books, bookshops and libraries.

A sheet of paper is inside a typewriter. The text reads: Chapter 1.


...used a typewriter? WRITING covers creative writing, publishing, typewriters, fountain pens & other writing instruments, plus ink.

Calligraphy supplies lie on top of calligraphy practice sheets


…sent a paper letter just to say hello? PAPER covers all things stationery for lovers of calligraphy, bookbinding, letterpress and paper arts.

A hand is seen holding a brush to paint a painting.


Do you remember the last time you... ...were blown away by a sculpture? ART covers all things visual arts for lovers of painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, film and design.

A pair of ballet shoes sits atop a stack of magazines


...experienced a play live with a crowd of strangers? PERFORMANCE covers all things performing arts for lovers of theatre, opera, dance and music.

A young woman sits in front of the bookshop and reads a book


...were moved by the words in a poem? POETRY covers spoken word, oral storytelling and, of course, all things poetry.

The Gooderham & Worts Flatiron building on a cloudy day, with Toronto skyscrapers in the background


When was the last time you... ...learned something new about the history of your neighbourhood? CITIES covers architecture, urban planning, history and public art in both cities & suburbs and towns & rural areas.

A stack of newspapers, tied together with string


…read a daily print newspaper? SOCIETY covers public discourse, journalism, media literacy, civic engagement, archives, history and the key questions of our time.

A bookshelf with language learning textbooks and dictionaries for various languages


...discovered a new culture through its language? LANGUAGE covers all things linguistics for curious minds interested in language learning, language change and how language shapes society.

What we do

We are all about providing ideas for things that might interest you, either to discover something new or to re-discover something you already used to love. We want to help you find creative pursuits, activities, hobbies, products, brands, shops, artists, thinkers, books, ideas, organizations, businesses, classes and events - all the places, people and supplies you may need to make your offline life flourish.

This is only Young W chapter 1...

...the beginning of our story, with more chapters to come. Get started by trying out our first exploration kit, browsing the arts & letters directory we are building or learning more about who is behind this brand.