A city in your pocket

in trading card size, with favourite things about Edmonton, AB that you can collect & trade.

Collect Edmontonia Trading Cards

Edmontonia Trading Cards

Michael Hingston came up with the idea for Edmontonia Trading Cards, a collection of all-ages trading cards showcasing favourite things about life in Edmonton, AB – all with fun, eye-catching pocket-sized pieces of art and information. What a fun way to carry a city in your pocket!

Hingston writes the text that appears on the back of the cards; and he and his team, including designer Justine Ma and 12 local illustrators and photographers, have created a collection of 60 trading cards that Western Living has called “A love letter to Edmonton”.

The cards, which come in packs of eight random cards, feature buildings, bridges and other notable landmarks; wildlife and nature, including River Valley, a series of pathways and parks; the four phases of the West Edmonton Mall; objects and streets; and notable events and dates in the city’s history. They even have a checklist that you can download from their website, to keep track of your collection! The cards are available from Young W and at local Edmonton retailers.

A grid of 4 images, featuring text and photographs for Edmontonia Trading Cards. Top left: A close-up of a hand holding the Vaulted Willow card, with the Vaulted Willow, a colourful public sculpture in a park, in the background. Top right: Several cards are spread out across a wood slat table. Bottom left: The Edmontonia Trading Cards checklist of all 60 cards. Bottom right: Edmontonia Trading Cards are a collection of 60 trading cards showcasing iconic buildings, places & symbols in Edmonton, AB as a fun way to learn about the history, culture of this city.
(Photo credit: Edmontonia Trading Cards)


What we love about these trading cards

Young W is obsessed with trading cards – the non-sports, non-car variety, that is – because they remind us of folliness, so we were thrilled to find this collection! We love the idea of a city in your pocket, and wish there were more trading cards like this, featuring other cities, themes and subjects.

The cards are beautifully designed and illustrated, with images on the front and bite-sized bits of information on the back. The variety of artistic styles, owing to the dozen illustrators and photographers who worked on this collection, results in a unique series of miniature art pieces, ranging from cartoon, to floor plan, to photo realism. Some of the images, especially those featuring wildlife, bring to mind those found in finely illustrated children’s books. This collection will appeal to young and old alike, especially the young at heart. (Written by C.M.)


Ideas for where you can go from here:
  • Check out the motifs included in Edmontonia Trading Cards.
  • If you’re in Edmonton, start collecting the trading cards and then pick a few locations to visit in person, particularly those that you haven’t been to before or didn’t know about yet.
  • Get your family and friends interested in Edmontonia Trading Cards, so you’ll have someone to trade with.
  • If you were to create a collection of trading cards about your city/town/village/rural area, what would you include? Produce your own trading cards featuring your own town and then reach out to us – we’d love to stock them.


We love city-themed artworks like trading cards because they inspire you to collect pocket-sized pieces of art. Collecting pocket-sized pieces of art allows you to easily share and enjoy it with others. Sharing art with others is part of the flourishing offline life Young W helps you discover: by exploring CITIES and the other 8 pillars of Arts & Letters, including those you may be hesitant to try.


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