Question 2:

You have an unexpected day off. What do you do?

A. Checking out street art around town

A person standing a dark alleyway that is covered with graffiti. Overhead, string lights illuminate his path.

B. Browsing for new reads at my favourite bookstore

The illuminated interior of an antiquarian bookstore can be seen from the street. The shop features tall bookshelves, a large shop window and a striped awning.

C. Watching a live band play in a local pub (a band I have been meaning to see for some time)

A close up of a microphone against a blurry background with lights.

D. Go see some art at the museum

Three Baroque paintings featuring people against a landscape background hang in a museum exibit room. A large marble sculpture of a man and dog can stands at the room's entrance.



(Photo credits: Pexels)