Question 4:

You and your friends decide to get together for dinner. Where will you eat?

A. At a local pub

A glass of beer rests beside a plate with fried fish filet, thick cut french fries and cut lemons on a wooden table.

B. At my friend’s place – we’ll order take-out and watch the latest episodes of a reality TV show together

A person holds a cellphone in one hand and boxes of their food delivery order in the other. The phone screen reads: "Online Food Delivery".

C. At an “all-you-can-eat” sushi restaurant

A small wooden platter with several types of colorful sushi.

D. At a trendy new resto-bar

A restaurant-bar with bright and modern design. It features turquoise and light pink velvet bar stools and white tables and a tiled floor. At the back of the room there is brass-coloured bar counter.






(Photo credits: Pexels)