Extraordinary Hand Lettering by Doris Wai


Creative Lettering Ideas for Celebrations, Events, Decor & More

Paperback, 160 pages, ISBN: 9781510721913
Published by Skyhorse, 2017

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From the publisher:

Are you a curious hand lettering beginner or long-time enthusiast looking to take your craft to the next level? Or are you a DIY guru or event planner wishing to breathe new life into a boring gift, event signage, or party décor?

Extraordinary Hand Lettering’ opens your eyes to the endless possibilities in the world of creative lettering, showing you how to work with types of surfaces, such as wood, glass and acrylic, chalk, and even mirrors.

First, learn the simple tools and tricks of hand lettering essentials—cursive and basic typefaces, creating balance and composition, and how to draw letters, as well as secret tips on what words you should choose to spotlight or shadow.

Then, discover the lettering potentials of everyday items by transforming household objects or discarded items, such as old vintage mirrors, jewelry, and furniture, into a customized gift, unique decoration, quirky art piece, or stunning signage—all with the right lettering and choice of pen, pencil, or marker. For all DIY art-and-crafters, homemakers, and small business entrepreneurs, lettering is a versatile and necessary skill that can repurpose the old into something that is new, beautiful, and functional.

Finally, draw inspirations from twelve whimsical projects suited for the girlie girl, the sophisticated man, or the modern minimalist. Combine the art of lettering and upcycling crafts to bring beauty into your everyday lifestyle.

Praise for Extraordinary Hand Lettering:

“For anyone who covets the curvy lines of stunning hand lettering, you no longer need to have handwriting FOMO! Doris is here with her open heart and brilliant mind, spilling all the tricks of the trade out on the beautiful pages of this book. From uncovering the tools to stunning ideas that you can apply immediately to your home or any occasion in life, this book is brimming with all the DIY inspirations one will need to personalize their world and write sweet nothings on just about anything. As a designer and maker, this book makes my heart happy and uncovers the magical art of hand lettering in such an accessible and sweet way! I love it!” —Tiffany Pratt, designer and author of This Can Be Beautiful

About the author:

Doris Wai

is an illustrator devoted to drawing letters. A self-made entrepreneur with her company Love Lettering, she sees all objects, plain or ornate, as blank canvases with amazing potential to be more than what they are. She lives in Toronto, Canada.


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