Live Life Colorfully by Jason Naylor


99 Ideas to Add Joy, Positivity, and Creativity to Your Life

Hardcover, 160 pages, ISBN: 9781797203805
Published by Chronicle Books, 2021

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From the publisher:

Live Life Colorfully is a quirky, illustrated mix of inspiring words, tips and tricks, and challenges from award-winning artist, designer, and creative director Jason Naylor.

This colorful book is based on one of his strongest messages, Live Life Colorfully, and will inspire everyone who picks it up.

  • Find the silver living, taste the rainbow, and colorize your life with this vibrant book.
  • Filled with bright, colorful illustrations
  • Sure to motivate anyone who needs a boost

Naylor spreads joy and kindness around the globe using his signature bright colors and even brighter messages with typography, illustration, and large-scale worldwide murals. Live Life Colorfully is a succinct way to say, “Be yourself, be brave, be proud of who you are, be kind, be loving, be happy, and be colorful.”

An inspiring book with a little bit of edge and a lot of confidence.

Taking a moment to deliberately notice colors in the world around you can significantly enhance your moment, your day, and your life.

Perfect pick-me-up gift for self-help, motivation, and happiness seekers, as well as lovers of pop art and bright colors.

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About the author:

Jason Naylor

is an award-winning artist, designer, and creative director who began his professional career working in the Creative Department of MAC Cosmetics, where he learned about the business of art and design, and developed his taste for spreading life and color into any and every project he could get his hands on. Six years later, Jason set out to start spreading his own message into the world. He works in both digital and traditional media, and his work ranges from typography and illustration, to products and large scale murals. Jason has been featured on HGTV and the Discovery Channel and has partnered with brands like Coach, Heineken, XBOX, and Guess. Jason’s mission is to spread color and positivity across the globe.




1. Wear colorful socks.

2. Grow something.

3. Enjoy yourself.

4. Take a different path.

5. Share the love (Tear out: on compliments)

6. Fly paper airplanes (Tear out: origami)

7. Express gratitude.

8. Color code your calendar.

9. Assign meaning.

10. Paint a rock and give it a name.

11. Splatter paint: not just for kids.

12. Express yourself.

13. Organize your books by color.

14. Make a personal progress chart.

15. Paint your nails.

16. Add something.

17. What color makes you smile?

18. Color is the new black

19. How do colors make you feel?

20. Stop to look at the sky.

21. Find a gumball machine.

22. Are the blues blue?

23. Did you know the sky wasn?t always blue?

24. Paint something.

25. Zoom in!

26. Give yourself permission to not ask for permission

27. What color are your emotions?

28. Organize your closet by color

29. Use colored pens.

30. Changing the color of your room.

31. Call your parent and tell them thank you.

32. Find the silver lining

33. Go on a midnight walk.

34. Think about the world around with without color.

35. Love yourself.

36. Buy some balloons.

37. Be yourself.

38. What do colors say to you?

39. What would Santa look like in a yellow suit?

40. What color is the thread on your fave jacket?

41. Color your sidewalk.

42. Doodle!

43. Always eat cotton candy.

44. What brings you joy?

45. Throw the rest away. (Tear out: on failure)

46. Reminder! (Tear out: self-care and compassion)

47. The eye can distinguish 256 colors.

48. Roses are red?

49. I am me.

50. Give something away.

51. Give better hugs.

52. Be curious, be grateful, be humble, be kind, be expressive, be inventive, be confident, be honest, be colorful, be alive.

53. Smile.

And 46 other ways to live life colorfully!


(Credits: Book cover image and publisher’s description have been retrieved from BiblioShare.)

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