Talk Soon by Erik Kessels and Thomas Sauvin


Tearaway postcard book, 120 pages, ISBN: 9781733622059
Published by Atelier Éditions, 2021

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From the publisher:

A wordless, quarantined dialogue in flipbook form
Every day, throughout that tumultuous spring of 2020, Dutch artist Erik Kessels (born 1966) and French artist Thomas Sauvin (born 1983) sent one another idiosyncratic, uncaptioned photographs, catalyzing an organic, free-associative exchange of some 120 archival images. Atelier Éditions’ author Kingston Trinder then composed an equally free-associative, altogether whimsical narrative with which to further entwine the duo’s eclectic photographs. These two archives of vernacular photography, one from the East, the other from the West, achieve a dialogue through the recurrence of photographic practices, aesthetics and subjects.Talk Soon is a tearaway postcard book with a spiral binding, allows readers to endlessly juxtapose the delightful photographs selected by the two quarantined artists.

About the authors:

Erik Kessels
is a Dutch artist, designer and curator.

Thomas Sauvin is a French artist and collector. Sauvinʼs series Beijing Silvermine is one of the largest archives of Chinese photographs, with over 850,000 anonymous images created between 1985 and 2005.



(Credits: Publisher’s description has been retrieved from BiblioShare. Author information has been retrieved from publisher website. Front and back cover photo by Jenn Collins.)

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