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and writing essentials to rekindle your passion for putting pen to paper.

Ferris Wheel Press

Ferris Wheel Press is a Canadian stationery company that wants to rekindle your love of writing. They’re known for their extraordinary inks in vibrant, saturated colours, packaged in beautiful glass containers reminiscent of perfume bottles. Ferris Wheel Press also offers fountain pens, notebooks, sketchbooks and other paper essentials with equal attention to design and detail. Incorporating timeless storytelling, nostalgia and fine craftsmanship, their designs seek to inspire connection through art, writing and beauty.

A grid of 4 images, featuring photographs and text. Top left: Close-up of a round bottle of dark green Ferris Wheel Press ink with gold lettering and cap. Behind it is the box for the bottle. Top right: Close-up of 4 notebooks fanned out against a white background at the top of the image. The covers are in blues and greens, purples, pinks and reds, with a crosshatch pattern design; and a ribbon, in blue, pink, mauve and dusty rose, trails out from each. Bottom left: Close-up of an ink rendering of a floral design in reds, purples and burnt umber. At the top right of the image are 2 ink bottles, slightly in frame, one a rosy burnt umber and the other a deep purple. Bottom right: Ferris Wheel Press is a stationery brand that wants to help you fall in love with writing again. They create fountain pens, notebooks and high-quality ink in vibrant, saturated colours.

(Photo credit: Ferris Wheel Press)


What we like about this company

We share Ferris Wheel Press’s passion for art and beauty – and we want people to fall in love with writing too! We love the timeless elegance, romance and sense of nostalgia their fountain pens and inks evoke, not to mention their fine paper products. Who will you write that long awaited love note to? What can your heart, mind and soul create on paper?

With names like Bluegrass Velvet, Stroke of Midnight and Autumn in Auburn, there is a touch of dramatic flair to their stunning selection of bottled inks. We have fallen in love with their light, soft, pastel tones just as much as their rich saturated inks in vibrant colours — in fact, we love Ferris Wheel Press so much, we feature their bottled inks and sketchbooks in our shop. (Written by C.M.)


Ideas for where you can go from here:
  • Take a look at the Ferris Wheel Press bottled inks and sketchbooks we carry and you’ll see what we mean.
  • We particularly like colour-coordinating inks and the notebooks we write in. What are your favourite ink/sketchbook colour combinations?
  • Not sure which Ferris Wheel Press ink colour to choose? Try one of their ink charger sets. Each set comes with 3 vials of ink, so you can try out multiple colours.


We love inks because they inspire you to try out different writing implements. Trying out different writing implements allows you find the writing tools that suit you best. Finding the writing tools that suit you best is part of the flourishing offline life Young W helps you discover: by exploring WRITING and the other 8 pillars of Arts & Letters, including those you may be hesitant to try.


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