Dying Wishes by Anitha Krishnan


Paperback, 465 pages, ISBN: 9781775227816
Self-published, 2021

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From the publisher:


Finalist for the 2023 Rakuten Kobo Emerging Writer Prize in Speculative Fiction


When I was seven, my mother died. I struck a bargain with the Gods to bring her back to life.

For thirteen years now, I have served as a Harbinger of Death, coaxing dying wishes out of mortals so that the God of Death may grant them moksha, liberation from the cycles of birth and death. The man about to die this evening claims he has nothing to offer me. He is dying a content man, a rarity in our world. But when the God of Death arrives to lead his soul away, the man changes his mind about dying and flees, planting on me something that is not quite a dying wish. I only know I cannot trust any God with this secret. And that I’ll pay an unbearable price for this concealment. Yet again, I underestimate how savagely the Gods can wound me. Even though one of them is supposedly my father who still doesn’t know I exist.

Set in Burlington, Ontario, this contemporary fantasy novel weaves Hindu mythology and South Indian folklore into a quest for belonging across different worlds – the World of Mortals and the World of Gods, India and Canada, the past and the present, the world outside and the one within. It is an offering to lovers of whimsical worlds and heartbreaking prose, and to anyone yearning to simply belong.


About the author:

Anitha Krishnan

is a speculative fiction author and an award-winning poet. She writes contemporary fantasy with a dash of mysticism and soul-searching. Deities and dreams, loss and longing, grief and gallantry, hiraeth and heartbreak, all make frequent appearances in her stories and poems. Having lived in and left pieces of her heart in many places across the world including Singapore, Australia, Canada, and most of all in Anitha’s birthplace, India, she presently resides in Burlington, ON, with her husband and cherished child. Her days are filled with juggling writing and parenting, and she blogs about this on her website The Dream Pedlar. Follow her along to receive heartfelt musings, exclusive updates, book recommendations, free fiction, and occasional surprises.



(Credits: Publisher’s description has been retrieved from the author. Front and back cover photo by Jenn Collins.)

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