White Tiger Animal Collection Fountain Pen MR2 Metropolitan – Pilot


White fountain pen with fine or medium nib and tiger pattern. Uses Pilot’s proprietary ink cartridges (IC-50). Can be used with Pilot CON-40 converter.

This pen is for you if want a high-quality & easy-to-use fountain pen with a touch of whimsy.

Gift Wrap Design

pine/gold (C$2.50)

Sold By: Young W


The pen

A high end Pilot fountain pen at an affordable price, both elegant & suitable for everyday use. This popular pen comes in a matte finish with a glossy band featuring a white tiger pattern. It has a brass barrel with stainless steel accents.

The nib

This pen has a steel nib in either size “fine” (F) or “medium” (M).

What it comes with

It comes ready-to-use with one spare ink cartridge and the Pilot CON-B squeeze converter.

The ink it uses

Pilot fountain pens use proprietary ink cartridges (such as the Pilot IC-50). This pen also works with the Pilot CON-40 converter, if you prefer to use a piston converter. Use a converter to fill this pen with bottled ink.

(Photo no. 1, 2 and 5 by Dahlia Katz.)

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